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Has everyone gone to orindaben.com

I LOVE THIS SITE. I have all of Sanaya Roman's books (channelled by her from her guide Orin), and am going to sign up for their Light Body Course at Yule (a present for me!). Once you have done all their courses by mail, you are allowed to start attending their workshops down in Medford, Oregon. I started reading their stuff even when I lived in Alabama and England. When I moved to Oregon and found they were nearby, I was chuffed!

Anyway, click on one of these two links:

one is called "Personal Daily Affirmation." You can click on as many as you want.

The other is called "Creating Your Highest Future room." It brings you to images of the covers of their different books, and you can click on any of the images as many times as you want.

Most books I read have things that either I don't agree with, or offend me, or I don't understand. All of Sanaya Roman and Orin's books RING TRUE with me, and are in the top 5 most important works I have ever read for developing spirituality and psychic abilities.

If anyone has a question about them,let me know; I'm not an expert but I've read all their books and think they're "fabe."
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