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I'm sure most of you know that I am a Reiki Master, and can now teach and attune others to do Reiki.


I would like to offer (almost)FREE Reiki 1 attunements for friends. Why is it "ALMOST" FREE, not COMPLETELY free? Because of wierd Japanese energy rules. Technically because of a Reiki rule of energy exchange, I have to get "something" in return, so you could just buy some treats for the dogs, or get me one bottle of white wine or beer etc.

So anybody I know, or anyone in the Clan please let me know if you want (ALMOST) FREE REIKI attunements. There are selfish AND selfless reasons why I want to do this:

Selfish (what I get out of it):

I get practice
I get to help you
I get to do this thing which I like called REIKI!
I get a bottle of wine, or some quiet time if the dogs get treats.

Selfless(stuff y'all get out of it):

1.it jump-starts a psychic opening (it's like DRANO for your channel)
2.issues that you need to work on start coming up, so you can work on them and clear your energy body. What does this mean? It speeds up your spiritual evolution etc. It CAN ACTUALLY work on KARMIC issues.
3.You can now do Reiki anytime, anywhere for yourself, your pets, plants, loved ones etc.
4.Usually Reiki 1 attunements are 120.00 dollars or more, which I think is a rip off. This way you can actually afford it.

Basically it would be a workshop at my house in Salem, on some date that we arrange. We can bring snacks and have a Reiki day. You will get attunements, instructional materials, and EVERYBODY gets at least one full Reiki treatment, because we will practice on each other. NICE.

If you have any questions let me know.

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