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Once upon a Wish Links

As I've been surfing around for various & sundry items for my magickal household, I've come across some items I'd thought I'd share in hopes the community at large might find useful, and fun!

First some gorgeous capes, one for each element(although I'm not too fond of the fire one..)

Second, a source for brooms: I was NOT enamored of the many I found with "magickal" additions like bows, inscriptions or any other decoration. This guy fit the bill, and I've seen him in person at the Clackamas County Fair for I don't know how many years... Coincidentally, he made special brooms for the Marketing Dept. for Harry Potter. Also, he learned from his father, who was a "snowbird" along w/his wife and they spent 7 summers in Sturbridge, a historical recreation of a small town in the early 19th century, where they were docents and learned candle dipping, weaving and other public demonstration skills.
My favorite is "The Villager"!

Third, is an artist I've seen at OCF, and elsewhere. Some of his stuff is slightly erotic, but most evokes a mysterious mythological past - they are all beautiful!

Finally, a glass pendant worth a look, found these at an art gallery in Pacific City (we bought my daughter one), but you can take a look on the web too!
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