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Mt. Angel!

Well, I've just had about the best day so far someone could have! I left at 7:15 am for Mt. Angel, to meet up with a friend, and later some family members. It was a beautiful drive, and no traffic. I had a great time visiting Ankarah and meeting her two children for the first time. They are amazing kids! She was kind enough to let me park in her driveway, and also to help me get my car keys that I locked in the car!

Then I walked downtown to meet my sister & dad at the Fructsaüle- "the Harvest Monument is a symbol of the boutiful harvest and of the goodness of creation." (from the Schedule of Events pamphlet). This year's theme is Harvesting Joyful Memories..Growing Future Dreams! (Please note, the picture is from last year's festival). The Bells of St. Mary's rang out as I walked.....cue in Bing Crosby!

I really like how the vendor booths decorate with hop vines, wheat stalks, and other natural materials from the autumn season. Many also include lights, as the festivities continue long after dark on Friday & Saturday. I was excited to see Annanda & her husband, who were working one of the many Knights of Columbus booths. It's serendipity like that really "make my day".

There's so much to see & do (the cool Car Show, the Kinder-garten, Weibentanz, Bier & Wiengartens, The Abbey, the Russian Museum, St. Mary's, etc.) that you can really spend the whole day. There's alot of benches and seating, a plethora of food booths, and even more Honey Buckets than I remember from past years.

Secretly too,I think I really enjoyed this particular visit to Mt. Angel's Oktoberfest as I didn't have the little bean, so I was free to wander & explore as much or as little as I wante! I left a little after noon, just as the crowds were getting thick, just in time!
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