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More Food for Thought

Last night, I was priviliged to attend the opening of an exhibit by Lillian Pitt, a Native American artist, who has also done several public works here in Portland. The exhibit is at the Oregon Historical Society, and the opening had wine, fancy hor d'ouvres, & a chance to hob nob with Portlandia glitterati!

Lillian's work was impressive, and I most liked the installations, sculpture, and jewelery. She does alot of contemporary work, but of course, I'm most intrigued her pieces that involved ancient petroglyphs.

I have to admit I was sorely tempted by her silver jewelry depicting her verion of the petroglyph called "Crow talking leave of the family" (see the petroglyph link above & scroll down, you'll see it). The silver bracelet was $350, and the matching necklace was $120! (you'll need to scroll down to the very bottom to see the pieces I'm talking about). I spent about 2 minutes thinking about how I could explain the purchase to my husband before reality set in... She's also been able to have Pendleton Woolen Mills make a limited edition tapestry of the same subject. My daughter was captivated by the Coyote & Stick Indian Mask pins.

There was also a traditional Blessing by an artist friend of Lillian's, Rick Bartow, who spoke about her incredible generousity & her work with young aspiring artists. He invoked the 4 directions four times, used an eagle feather, and chanted a Native American healing/blessing song near the end. He stated that to get the song, his elder (teacher?) had gone through Vietnam, they both had hard times in life; "we went through alot to get this song" were his exact words. It was very moving, and truly set a sacred & respectful tone for the viewing of Lillian's pieces.
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