Please Help

If anyone still reads this journal, and anyone knows the phone number of any or all of the following people, PLEASE send it to me:


I have lost my address book, and every attempt I have made to contact these people has failed.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Ostara is coming up and I have no way to contact anybody.

Christy Lowe

Has everyone gone to

I LOVE THIS SITE. I have all of Sanaya Roman's books (channelled by her from her guide Orin), and am going to sign up for their Light Body Course at Yule (a present for me!). Once you have done all their courses by mail, you are allowed to start attending their workshops down in Medford, Oregon. I started reading their stuff even when I lived in Alabama and England. When I moved to Oregon and found they were nearby, I was chuffed!

Anyway, click on one of these two links:

one is called "Personal Daily Affirmation." You can click on as many as you want.

The other is called "Creating Your Highest Future room." It brings you to images of the covers of their different books, and you can click on any of the images as many times as you want.

Most books I read have things that either I don't agree with, or offend me, or I don't understand. All of Sanaya Roman and Orin's books RING TRUE with me, and are in the top 5 most important works I have ever read for developing spirituality and psychic abilities.

If anyone has a question about them,let me know; I'm not an expert but I've read all their books and think they're "fabe."



I'm sure most of you know that I am a Reiki Master, and can now teach and attune others to do Reiki.


I would like to offer (almost)FREE Reiki 1 attunements for friends. Why is it "ALMOST" FREE, not COMPLETELY free? Because of wierd Japanese energy rules. Technically because of a Reiki rule of energy exchange, I have to get "something" in return, so you could just buy some treats for the dogs, or get me one bottle of white wine or beer etc.

So anybody I know, or anyone in the Clan please let me know if you want (ALMOST) FREE REIKI attunements. There are selfish AND selfless reasons why I want to do this:

Selfish (what I get out of it):

I get practice
I get to help you
I get to do this thing which I like called REIKI!
I get a bottle of wine, or some quiet time if the dogs get treats.

Selfless(stuff y'all get out of it): jump-starts a psychic opening (it's like DRANO for your channel)
2.issues that you need to work on start coming up, so you can work on them and clear your energy body. What does this mean? It speeds up your spiritual evolution etc. It CAN ACTUALLY work on KARMIC issues.
3.You can now do Reiki anytime, anywhere for yourself, your pets, plants, loved ones etc.
4.Usually Reiki 1 attunements are 120.00 dollars or more, which I think is a rip off. This way you can actually afford it.

Basically it would be a workshop at my house in Salem, on some date that we arrange. We can bring snacks and have a Reiki day. You will get attunements, instructional materials, and EVERYBODY gets at least one full Reiki treatment, because we will practice on each other. NICE.

If you have any questions let me know.


Theater & Community

There's a new issue of Parabola out, called Body and Soul. It's excellent, and among many other thought-provoking articles, has a review on Peter Brook's new play, titled "Tierno Bokar" which is about an early twentieth-century West African Sufi. The theme of the play is Wisedom. Specifically, Brook states in his program note:

"His story draws us deep into an Africa is traditional, animist, impregnated with Islam,
shaken by colonialism, and torn apart by internal strife. Starting with a tiny disagreement
over the meaning of the number 11 as opposed to the number 12, merciless conflicts arise
that lead to massacres, to martyrdom. These tragic events create a chain that eventually links
a small African village to the highest political decisions of the Second World War." 1

I profoundly value Peter Brook's creations.. He's the same playwright/director who presented the 4 hour film The Mahabharata, (adapted from his 9 hour stage play), which I had the privilege of seeing at Cinema 21 more than 15 years ago. I find good theater (and it's sister art, film), to be deeply transformative and necessary to the cultural health of our communities and nation. The proliferation of "reality" TV shows says it all: the public has become bored and inured to the increasingly outrageous images, Brook further elaborates on this same theme in the play's program note:

"Theater exists to reopen all comfortable convictions. It has the best weapons for breaking
taboos and smashing barriers. These are scandal, violence, and ridicule. But not today. Not
any longer. The "shock-effect" cannot hold us any more, it is so close to daily life that it has
become quite ordinary. Today, our urgent need is elsewhere, It is to catch glimpses of what
our lives have lost. The theater can give us a fleeting taste of qualities long forgotten."2

Some of these long forgotten qualities can be found in community-based theater/events like Revels, Public Dreams in Vancouver, B.C., and here in Stumptown, City Repair. Most of these are free, and family friendly ; take an hour, or a day, and re-vitalize your connections to your family, friends, and neighbors. It's good for the soul.

1 Peter Lamborn Wilon, "Making Room for the Mystery : Peter Brook's Tierno Bokar", pg. 90-91, Parabola, Vol. 30, No. 3, Fall 2005.

2 Peter Lamborn Wilon, "Making Room for the Mystery : Peter Brook's Tierno Bokar", pg. 88, Parabola, Vol. 30, No. 3, Fall 2005.
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Once upon a Wish Links

As I've been surfing around for various & sundry items for my magickal household, I've come across some items I'd thought I'd share in hopes the community at large might find useful, and fun!

First some gorgeous capes, one for each element(although I'm not too fond of the fire one..)

Second, a source for brooms: I was NOT enamored of the many I found with "magickal" additions like bows, inscriptions or any other decoration. This guy fit the bill, and I've seen him in person at the Clackamas County Fair for I don't know how many years... Coincidentally, he made special brooms for the Marketing Dept. for Harry Potter. Also, he learned from his father, who was a "snowbird" along w/his wife and they spent 7 summers in Sturbridge, a historical recreation of a small town in the early 19th century, where they were docents and learned candle dipping, weaving and other public demonstration skills.
My favorite is "The Villager"!

Third, is an artist I've seen at OCF, and elsewhere. Some of his stuff is slightly erotic, but most evokes a mysterious mythological past - they are all beautiful!

Finally, a glass pendant worth a look, found these at an art gallery in Pacific City (we bought my daughter one), but you can take a look on the web too!
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Beware the Ego

If your journal if "friends only" then it is personal, private, and your views should be respected by anyone who has the honor of being one of those friends.  If you don't like what someone says, just stop reading their journal.  It is CERTAINLY out of place for someone to write hurtful comments in someone else's private journal, even if you didn't like what you saw there.  Actually, I believe hurtful comments are out of place anywhere, but that's just the Wiccan Rede popping up.

My journal is certainly "my space."  While no-one owns the internet, my journal is certainly "my journal."  That's why it's called a journal - it's a personal JOURNAL.  It's not my husband's journal, nor my friends' journal - they have their own journals, under different usernames. 

Group forums like Crescent_Crone are certainly places for debate and opinion.  They are not the place for egotistical comments, but healthy discussion and differences of opinion are welcome.  But in a person's privtate journal, especially a "friends only" journal, anyone who comments is only a privileged GUEST in that person's journal and should act accordingly.  If someone BREAKS these rules, for instance by letting people who are NOT friends spy on someone's journal, then they get what they ask for. 

One thing is for sure - I wouldn't let my under-13 child read an ADULT's PRIVATE FRIENDS-ONLY JOURNAL.  I believe that it is not only is that asking for trouble, but it is betraying the trust that someone put in a person by making them a journal "friend" anyway. When I make someone a journal "friend," that status does NOT extend to everyone in their household or circle of friends.

Most journals even have kind (and I believe unnecessary) warnings at the beginning like "this is friends only - and the topics may shock - read on AT YOUR OWN RISK."  Whose fault is it then, if one continues reading, and gets offended?  It's clear to me, anyway.

I have a friend that said nasty things about some of my friends every time I saw her.  I told her, "would you please stop talking about what you don't like about them - they are my friends."  And she said things like "How dare you deny me the right to express myself?  Don't repress my chakra!"

Well, with her head up in the clouds, and so concerned about "expressing her chakra," she was actually actively spreading malice.  She was so concerned about defending her right to speak, that she had actually become OFFENSIVE - which is a different matter altogether.  She wasn't concerned how her negative comments were hurting me or those around her.  She was speaking from her EGO, not from a place of LOVE.

What this means is that while trying to protect her "wounded chakras" and looking out for herself, she forgot this one important thing:  your right to express yourself and be militant about it ENDS when you start HURTING OTHERS QUITE UNNECESSARILY.  Beware the ego.

We need to think before we speak.  Ask the Goddess/spirit guides/angels: "is this comment truly loving?  Will this comment show this person my love for all concerned?  Or is it possible that, since this is pushing my own buttons, I might be expressing my ego?  Is it possible that I am more concerned about making my point and expressing my anger and contempt than actually trying to HELP or spread love?  Am I, for some reason, trying to convince someone that I am wiser than they?  For it is certainly not true, for any reason!  We are all wise in different, but EQUAL ways."

You can always express the same sentiment either with LOVE or from the EGO.

We are all looking for love and acceptance.  Some of us are more vulnerable than others.  If we don't like what someone writes, we can say "I'm upset about the things you wrote because I worry about you - I love you and want you to love yourself too!"  One thing is for sure:  everyone I know on Livejournal are ALL ADULTS, and their thoughts and feelings are as valid as anyone else's.  We need to remember that we are ALL spiritual and emotional PEERS.  Frankly, I think EVERYONE is a bit fucked up - MYSELF included, at the TOP of the list.

I don't know ANYONE who by age or experience is more qualified to make judgements than others.  Basically, NONE of us are qualified - making judgements is the OPPOSITE of LOVE, and so judgements should NEVER be made - just express LOVE instead.  We have all had past lives and are we we are all pretty much experientially the same, even if there are different in our ages in THIS lifetime.  I don't know ANYONE on livejournal who is any more or less wise or mature than another.  We have different viewpoints, perhaps, but there aren't any with priveleged information or maturity.  Some of us are just more fucked up than others - but that is who we are.  Any loving comments or suggestions are helpful - but we all need to realize that any advice we give out (LIKE THIS POST I'M WRITING NOW!) is no more valid than anyone else's thoughts.  It doesn't matter if you are a old, young, a professor, a mother, a priest, priestess, crone, student, or none of the above - we are no different, better, or wiser than each other.  NONE of us should forget that.  Do not look upon old or young age as inferior/superior - it's just not so.  I know some very wise young people and some fucked up flaky old farts.  Use what is loving - discard what comes from the ego. We should know better than anyone that stereotypes - even those associated with age and experience - are just that - stereotypes and not reality.  Wisdom comes from the most unlikely places - and so does the ego.

I would like to pray to the Goddess and all of our spirit guides/angels to help us all be mindful of the words we say, and to help us all be compassionate toward others' thoughts and feelings.  Let us offer loving acceptance to all, and suspend all our judgements.


Mt. Angel!

Well, I've just had about the best day so far someone could have! I left at 7:15 am for Mt. Angel, to meet up with a friend, and later some family members. It was a beautiful drive, and no traffic. I had a great time visiting Ankarah and meeting her two children for the first time. They are amazing kids! She was kind enough to let me park in her driveway, and also to help me get my car keys that I locked in the car!

Then I walked downtown to meet my sister & dad at the Fructsaüle- "the Harvest Monument is a symbol of the boutiful harvest and of the goodness of creation." (from the Schedule of Events pamphlet). This year's theme is Harvesting Joyful Memories..Growing Future Dreams! (Please note, the picture is from last year's festival). The Bells of St. Mary's rang out as I walked.....cue in Bing Crosby!

I really like how the vendor booths decorate with hop vines, wheat stalks, and other natural materials from the autumn season. Many also include lights, as the festivities continue long after dark on Friday & Saturday. I was excited to see Annanda & her husband, who were working one of the many Knights of Columbus booths. It's serendipity like that really "make my day".

There's so much to see & do (the cool Car Show, the Kinder-garten, Weibentanz, Bier & Wiengartens, The Abbey, the Russian Museum, St. Mary's, etc.) that you can really spend the whole day. There's alot of benches and seating, a plethora of food booths, and even more Honey Buckets than I remember from past years.

Secretly too,I think I really enjoyed this particular visit to Mt. Angel's Oktoberfest as I didn't have the little bean, so I was free to wander & explore as much or as little as I wante! I left a little after noon, just as the crowds were getting thick, just in time!
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More Food for Thought

Last night, I was priviliged to attend the opening of an exhibit by Lillian Pitt, a Native American artist, who has also done several public works here in Portland. The exhibit is at the Oregon Historical Society, and the opening had wine, fancy hor d'ouvres, & a chance to hob nob with Portlandia glitterati!

Lillian's work was impressive, and I most liked the installations, sculpture, and jewelery. She does alot of contemporary work, but of course, I'm most intrigued her pieces that involved ancient petroglyphs.

I have to admit I was sorely tempted by her silver jewelry depicting her verion of the petroglyph called "Crow talking leave of the family" (see the petroglyph link above & scroll down, you'll see it). The silver bracelet was $350, and the matching necklace was $120! (you'll need to scroll down to the very bottom to see the pieces I'm talking about). I spent about 2 minutes thinking about how I could explain the purchase to my husband before reality set in... She's also been able to have Pendleton Woolen Mills make a limited edition tapestry of the same subject. My daughter was captivated by the Coyote & Stick Indian Mask pins.

There was also a traditional Blessing by an artist friend of Lillian's, Rick Bartow, who spoke about her incredible generousity & her work with young aspiring artists. He invoked the 4 directions four times, used an eagle feather, and chanted a Native American healing/blessing song near the end. He stated that to get the song, his elder (teacher?) had gone through Vietnam, they both had hard times in life; "we went through alot to get this song" were his exact words. It was very moving, and truly set a sacred & respectful tone for the viewing of Lillian's pieces.
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A Place of My Own~

I have switched jobs I start me new on next week. And today is my last day at Circle K. I start working at North Gate Bowling Alley on the 14th. It pays more and the hours are better.

Now I'm kinda nervous because on Tuesday Matt and I put in an applacation to a very nice apartment complex that is close enough for Matt to walk to work and close enough for me to ride the bus or my bike to my new work. We should learn no later than Tuesday if we've been approved. And then we'd be movied in by october 8th.

Since this is the Waxing Moon I was hoping that you guys could help put the energy forth that Matt and I will get this appartment.

So please Happy Thoughts of Matt, Smokey and I having our own place in a month!
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Katrina Help

This post is for everyone who may share the outrage and feelings of helplessness as the world watches the Hurricane Katria tradegy unfold. Already the majority monotheists have made statements that it's "god's" punishment of New Orleans as a "den of iniquity" - citing the upcoming festivals "Southern Decadance" and "Pagan Pride Day" as proof of it's wayward ways. Much like Pat Robertson claiming 9/11 was the result of gays, abortionists, liberals, etc., these folks seem to revel in the suffering of others, while sitting in front of their television sets far, far away.
But there are some who see this tragedy for what it is; here's a quote from Anne Rice (the write), a former resident:

"But to my country I want to say this: During this crisis you failed us.
You looked down on us; you dismissed our victims; you dismissed us. You
want our Jazz Fest, you want our Mardi Gras, you want our cooking and
our music. Then when you saw us in real trouble, when you saw a tiny
minority preying on the weak among us, you called us "Sin City," and
turned your backs."

Here's a link to her entire essay in the NY Times, which is excellent.

If you'd like to help, Witchvox has organized a Pagan response to the crisis.
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